Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Down with Shin Splints. Up with....Yoga?

Last night I found myself awkwardly pretzeling, falling, rolling, bridging, namaste-ing all over my living room floor. I must have looked...correction...I did look like a complete idiot. That's right, I was doing yoga. I must say, if there ever were something that worked every obscure muscle in my feet and legs, it's yoga. I not only did yoga, but I did yoga for an hour and a half. It was FriKKin' hard.

Anyway, until I figure out how to do a spreadsheet on here (while in the middle of a J-term Hebrew intensive), I'll just be posting my workouts like this.

Tonight, after my Hebrew class (at 9:00p), I'll be going for a short 5k on CC trails. It will be good for me to run doing the night to get used to running with a headlamp...and that's the only extra time I have.