Monday, January 17, 2011

From Recovery to Training

This is a shared blog between two masochists, Jeremy Spainhour and Brock Currie, training for the Canadian Death Race. Since we live on opposite sides of the continent, this blog will serve as a means of accountability and solidarity--although pain is always experienced alone.

We will mainly be logging miles, times, etc., but we will also use this for sharing experiences, information, advice, and encouragement. If anyone happens upon this blog who is a distance runner, we would covet your input.

***Last year I was well set to swim/bike/run my first 70.3 triathlon, until I got a bad case of Achilles Tendinitis. Since then, I have experienced issues with my lower leg, both in my tendon and medial tibia (i.e., "shin splints"). I have recently begun specific strength training exercises and stretching, which seems to be helping. I am happy to report (though not with overly naive optimism) that I currently have no pain. So I'm going to begin my running this week at very short distances on CC trails (5ks), and supplement my training with time on the elliptical machine and continued strength training and stretching. So...we'll see.